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From Dean Gaudet <dgau...@arctic.org>
Subject Re: config/390: Unable to make virtualhost that do not parse html
Date Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:47:33 GMT
If you put <Directory> sections outside of any <VirtualHost> then all
<VirtualHost>s inherit those definitions... the same goes for pretty much
any definition appearing outside of a <VirtualHost>.  If you're using
apache 1.2b8 then here's what I suggest:

    <Directory /doc/root>
	Options None

<VirtualHost _default_>
    <Directory /doc/root>
	Options All  (or whatever you use)

The _default_ host matches and ip address that isn't explicitly listed.
If you've got multiple vhosts then you'll have the modify this a bit.

You can also use "Options -Includes" inside a <Directory> in the localhost
vhost ... which will make it inherit the rest of the settings.


On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Peder Langlo wrote:

> >Number:         390
> >Category:       config
> >Synopsis:       Unable to make virtualhost that do not parse html
> >Confidential:   no
> >Severity:       non-critical
> >Priority:       medium
> >Responsible:    apache (Apache HTTP Project)
> >State:          open
> >Class:          support
> >Submitter-Id:   apache
> >Arrival-Date:   Mon Apr 14 10:10:02 1997
> >Originator:     pederl@bbn.hp.com
> >Organization:
> apache
> >Release:        
> >Environment:
> Not relevant I think
> >Description:
> Using httpd.conf:
> <VirtualHost localhost>
> AccessConfig conf/localhost-access.conf
> ResourceConfig conf/localhost-srm.conf
> </VirtualHost>
> Want localhost to NOT parse html files that usually are parsed. Only
> solution was to modify conf/localhost-access.conf to use
> <Direcory subdir-of-docroot>
> Options None
> Seems like localhost inherits parsing and I cannot turn it of for
> localhost.
> >How-To-Repeat:
> N/A
> >Fix:
> I want to turn off parsing but do not see how for the whole docroot
> >Audit-Trail:
> >Unformatted:

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