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From Paul Sutton <p...@ukweb.com>
Subject Re: mod_negotiation/94
Date Mon, 07 Apr 1997 10:53:21 GMT
On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
>  Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 03:47:57 +0100
>  From: Tino Wildenhain <wildenht@RZ.PH-Erfurt.DE>
>  To: marc@hyperreal.com
>  Subject: Re: Changed information for PR mod_negotiation/94
>  Am 07-Feb-97 schrieb marc@hyperreal.com:
>  But the mod_negotiation seems to have another problem:
>  the vary-maps dont work at all, I ve set up a test with
>  a file picture.gif (62079 bytes) and a file picture.jpg (22578 bytes)
>  [...]
>  but I expected the picture.jpg here, because the file as .gif
>  is 62079 bytes and therefore larger than maxbytes.

If you are chatting with this person, remind them that if they use a
var-map file then _NO_ information is read from the file system -- in
particular, if they want file sizes to be taking into consideration, they
must add them manually to the var-map (as "Content-Length: 62079" etc).

If they do have this information in their map file, then it might be a

By the way, this can cause confusion because the file information is used
when the variant is directly requested. For example, the type-map could

  URI: fish.en.html
  Content-Language: de

and it would be negotiated on as a German document, but when actually
requested it would be marked as being in English. 

It might also be worth noting that maxbytes is not part of HTTP/1.1 so new
browsers probably won't bother sending it (I'm not aware of any existing
ones which sent it either). 


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