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From Marc Slemko <ma...@znep.com>
Subject weekly list of open PRs?
Date Sun, 06 Apr 1997 22:32:22 GMT
Would anyone find it useful if I had something like the below
automatically sent to the bugdb list every week?  I think it could lead to
people taking more note of PRs and less chance of them getting left around

 Num Category State    Sypnosis
  41 mod_incl open     Diffs to add relational (<,>,<=,>=) string tests to mod_
  45 mod_prox feedback Corrupted File after aborted FTP-Transfer
  51 general  analyzed exec cmd= fails to execite / cannot pass parms with exec
  57 protocol analyzed Connections left in FIN_WAIT_2 state
  78 mod_incl open     Additional status for XBitHack directive
  94 mod_nego feedback LanguagePriority seems to not work, and Accept-Language:
 112 mod_cgi  open     "global" cgi scripts won't run on virtual servers where 
 126 config   open     Doesn't compile clean on Dynix (though it does compile a
 135 config   analyzed Unable to get ssi to function
 138 config   analyzed system runs out of mbufs after Apache has been running f
 139 mod_dir  analyzed AddDescription
 141 config   feedback When run with -f <conf> flag, runs MUCH quicker than wit
 145 config   analyzed POST to directory mapped to CGI appears as GET
 161 general  open     Questionable performace of  mod_dir() with negotiation
 164 os-sunos feedback multiple kernel panics under SunOS 4.1.3_U1 sun4m since 
 165 os-linux analyzed #exec cmd results in SIGSEGV (dumping core)
 168 general  analyzed changed behavior under 1.2b6 vs 1.2b2 in response to cgi
 169 other    feedback Problem with POST when using PassAuthHeaders w3-msql pac
 170 mod_nego open     Possible bug WRT default language vs. language negotioat
 172 config   analyzed "Redirect" and "DirectoryIndex" together cause SIGSEGV
 181 mod_mime open     AddHandler (and others?) doesn't match the extension pro
 182 general  analyzed Content-type/Content-encoding behavior changed since 1.1
 188 os-qnx   open     build fails, FNDELAY unknown
 196 mod_mime feedback extension xls doesn't work properly
 213 mod_log- feedback Accessing a virtual host results in the virtual host bei
 214 config   open     Bug in <Directory proxy: >
 215 mod_prox feedback Can't distinguish cache HITS/MISSES from the log file
 218 suexec   analyzed suexec fails to close log file before execv()
 219 mod_prox feedback Proxy non-caching
 221 mod_auth open     Authentification window skipped when 'ErrorDocument 401'
 222 os-unixw open     Error on call to "accept" causes infinite loop.
 223 os-bsdi  open     Child processes don't die.
 225 os-solar feedback We are not able to control user access on Solaris with .
 227 general  open     Location: output of post processing CGI scripts
 229 config   open     Unable to set Redirect for VirtualHost
 230 general  open     set_sub_req_protocol() does not inherit header_only
 231 os-bsdi  feedback child process dump core
 232 general  open     Apache 1.2b7/b8-dev causes Netscape to display some jpeg
 235 config   feedback Apache core dumps when RLimitNPROC used for virtual host
 237 suexec   open     Inappropriate bypass of suexec / Inappropriate usage of 
 238 mod_prox feedback No cache files
 239 config   open     Directory config inconsistent
 240 config   open     Add tuning directive ListenBacklog
 241 config   open     HTTP media parameters cannot be defined with Apache conf
 242 mod_incl feedback Server-parsed HTML does not work
 254 general  open     Getting "Ouch!  malloc failed in malloc_block()" with cg
 256 os-bsdi  open     http stops responding for approx 15 minutes then ressuci
 258 general  open     I would like to do: ln -s http://www.somesite.org/foo.ht
 260 mod_prox open     Mod_Proxy passes original URLs, never rewritten URLs
 261 suexec   open     suexec wants "nogroup" as the target group
 262 document open     suEXEC wrapper is not documented
 266 mod_cgi  open     ScriptLog has no effect
 269 suexec   open     Server-side include exec cmd with suEXEC bug
 274 general  feedback Web Daemon hangs
 278 general  feedback 40-50% performance decrease relative to apache 1.1.3
 279 mod_prox open     Spaces in file and directory names fool ftp proxy in Apa
 280 mod_prox open     Method GET Gopher  not implemented on  Sockified Apache-
 282 mod_prox open     Currerntly netscape proxy loses environment variables af
 283 mod_cgi  open     Re-Load of a CGI generated form causes server to hang
 284 general  open     GET request with trailing ".." needs a REDIRECT
 291 config   feedback .htpasswd being ignoreed under apache though functional 
 292 mod_auth open     Apache expects a carriage return at the end of a group l
 293 mod_alia analyzed Redirect directive didn't seems to work properly
 295 os-bsdi  open     Can't create more than 128 Virtual Hosts 1.2b7.
 298 general  feedback all httpd children die
 299 other    open     server stops serving for a period and then resumes with 
 303 os-linux feedback apache server will not die when 'kill'ed
 304 mod_prox open     multiple-homed Web hosts - con refused to first IP doesn
 307 config   feedback Logging to wrong log file with virtual hosts
 308 os-solar open     complie error
 309 config   feedback Core dump when accessing DocumentRoot
 311 protocol analyzed JDK 1.02 HTTP libraries dislike something
 314 mod_prox open     Truncated (short/invalid) files are proxy-cached. Ought 
 315 config   open     <LIMIT> causes two password queries unless given fqdn.
 316 general  open     httpd: could no set socket option TCP_NODELAY
 317 config   open     "options indexes" has no effect in access.conf
 319 suexec   open     suexec and server side includes

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