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From "John Van Essen" <vanes...@maroon.tc.umn.edu>
Subject Re: general/284: GET request with trailing ".." needs a REDIRECT
Date Wed, 09 Apr 1997 07:53:15 GMT
At gamers.org, we implemented the util.c patch that I mentioned earlier:

>> Change      l++;
>> to          if (l <= 0) l++;     /* Keep "/" only if at BOL */

and that does indeed trigger the redirection.  It's been in for a week.
Since this patch is so simple and needs to be applied only when upgrading, 
it's easy enough for us to do it ourselves.

So I hereby withdraw this Problem Report.

To see this patch in action, try this "Location" in Netscape:


and you'll get /docs/ in your location bar instead of /docs/foo/..
(which is what you'd get without this patch).

BTW, the Teleport people confirmed their mishandling of ".." hrefs,
and will be fixing it in their next release, out in a week or two.

One last comment - it would be handy to see the entire list of
problem reports in a condensed non-table format (e.g. PR# : PRtitle)
and/or a table with a user-selected range of reports (i.e. 250 - Max# ).

Over and out.

        John Van Essen <vanes002@umn.edu>

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