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From Bob Ramstad <rrams...@nfic.com>
Subject os-sunos/454: httpd crashes so hard the system reboots
Date Tue, 22 Apr 1997 14:50:01 GMT

	The contract type is `' with a response time of 3 business hours.
	A first analysis should be sent before: Tue Apr 22 11:00:01 PDT 1997

>Number:         454
>Category:       os-sunos
>Synopsis:       httpd crashes so hard the system reboots
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache (Apache HTTP Project)
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Tue Apr 22 07:50:01 1997
>Originator:     rramstad@nfic.com
>Release:        1.2b8
SunOS 4.1.3_U1 rev B with all recommended patches
gcc 2.7.2
BAD TRAP: cpu=0 type=9 rp=f0aacd54 addr=20 mmu_fsr=326 rw=1
MMU sfsr=326: Invalid Address on supv data fetch at level 3
regs at f0aacd54:
        psr=404010c5 pc=f001d37c npc=f001d380
        y: 0 g1: f001d370 g2: 4b000 g3: ffffff00
        g4: 13390000 g5: f0aad000 g6: 0 g7: 0
        o0: ffbfffff o1: 88001 o2: f0aacfe0 o3: 0
        o4: f0aacfXD f0112d68
pid 20111, `httpd': Data access exception
kernel read fault at addr=0x20, pme=0x0
MMU sfsr=326: Invalid Address on supv data fetch at level 3
rp=0xf0aacd54, pc=0xf001d37c, sp=0xf0aacda0, psr=0x404010c5, context=0x6f3
g1-g7: f001d370, 4b000, ffffff00, 13390000, f0aad000, 0, 0
Begin traceback... sp = f0aacda0
Called from f005796c, fp=f0aace00, args=1 ff64340c 6 1 f0aaceb0 fd00a840
Called from f005a6cc, fp=f0aace60, args=ff64340c 6 1 ff64c180 0 ff64c180
Called from f0112d68, fp=f0aacec0, args=f0aacfe0 348 f017ea50 f0826ffc ff64c180 f0aacfe0
Called from f0005cd0, fp=f0aacf58, args=f0aad000 f0aacfb4 f0aacfe0 f0aad000 f0aa
d000 f0aacfb4
Called from 505c, fp=effffc08, args=6 6 1 effffc6c 4 f0aacfb4
End traceback...
panic on cpu 0: Data access exception
syncing file systems... done
i can't repeat it.  this has happened about every 48 hours since i upgraded
from 1.2b7 -- and i've gone back to using 1.2b7 as this is a production

nope, but i'm happy to help in any way i can i.e. if you can tell me how to get 
a meaningful core file i'll be happy to do that.

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