Hello All,  
Apache ServiceComb Team is glad to announce the release of Apache ServiceComb Pack 0.4.0    
Apache ServiceComb Pack(https://github.com/apache/servicecomb-pack) is an eventually data consistency solution for micro-service applications. ServiceComb Pack currently have TCC and Saga distributed transaction co-ordination protocol. ServiceComb Pack is composed of Alpha which plays as a co-ordinator for the management of transactions and Omega which plays as an agent and is integral part of micro-services intercepting the outgoing/incoming requests and reports transaction events to Alpha.  
Download Links : http://servicecomb.apache.org/release/pack-downloads/  
Release Notes : http://servicecomb.apache.org/release/pack-release-notes/  
Know more about ServiceComb: http://servicecomb.apache.org/  
ServiceComb Usefull Links :  
- JIRA : https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SCB  
- Mailing lists: dev@servicecomb.apache.org  
- Gitter : https://gitter.im/ServiceCombUsers/Saga  
On the behalf of ServiceComb Team  
Mohammad Asif Siddiqui