The Apache Portals team is pleased to announce the General Availability of
Apache Pluto version 3.1.0.

The release contains the new "MVCBean Portlet" feature, which is an
implementation of a large subset of the MVC 1.0 Specification. New demos
are available that show the features and benefits of MVCBean portlet
development. New Maven archetypes are available for MVCBean as well:

Additional Resources:

The Java Community Process JSR 362 page will allow you to access the complete
specification for full details:

The Portlet API Version 3.0 page documents the portlet programming interface:

For a full overview of all the Pluto features, see the online documentation.
To get up and running quickly, download the bundle which comes with a bundled
latest Tomcat 8 ready to run.


Release Notes:

Website Documentation:


Neil Griffin
On behalf of the Apache Portals PMC