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From Christopher <ctubb...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Accumulo 1.7.4
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2018 18:18:21 GMT
The Apache Accumulo project is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Accumulo 1.7.4! This release contains many bug fixes, performance
improvements, build quality improvements, and more. This is a maintenance
(patch) release. Users of any previous 1.7.x release are strongly
encouraged to update as soon as possible to benefit from the improvements
with very little concern in change of underlying functionality.

Apache Accumulo® is a sorted, distributed key/value store that provides
robust, scalable data storage and retrieval. With Apache Accumulo, users
can store and manage large data sets across a cluster. Accumulo uses Apache
Hadoop's HDFS to store its data and Apache ZooKeeper for consensus.

This version is now available in Maven Central, and at:

The full release notes can be viewed at:

NOTICE: As development shifts to maintaining the newer versions of Accumulo
(1.9 and beyond), this will likely be the last maintenance release of the
1.7 series, so users should begin making plans to upgrade to 1.8 or later,
if they haven't already. (See the release notes for the version you are
upgrading to for guidance; 1.8.1's can be found at

The Apache Accumulo Team

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