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From Sally Khudairi ...@apache.org>
Subject The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Olingo™ as a Top-Level Project
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 12:01:15 GMT
>> this announcement is also available online at http://s.apache.org/H5M

Open Source, generic Java client and server library implementation of the OData (Open Data
Protocol) standard for interoperable querying and sharing of data across applications in enterprise,
Cloud, and mobile environments 

Forest Hill, MD –07 April 2014– The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer
developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 170 Open Source projects and initiatives,
announced today that Apache™ Olingo™ has graduated
from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project (TLP), signifying that the project's
community and products have been well-governed under the ASF's meritocratic process and principles. 

"We are pleased to graduate from the Apache Incubator," said Stephan Klevenz, Vice President
of Apache Olingo. "The Apache Way of collaborative software development shows that it is possible
to produce high-quality and faithful implementations of standards." Klevenz is also a development
architect at SAP and an Apache committer since 2010. 

Apache Olingo provides generic Java and JavaScript libraries that implement the Open Data
Protocol (OData), the standardized data access protocol used for creating and consuming data
APIs in an interoperable manner across applications and devices. OData provides
a uniform way to expose full-featured data APIs by building on core protocols such as HTTP
as well as commonly accepted methodologies such as REST. 

Apache Olingo serves client and server aspects of OData 2.0, and will serve as a code base
for OData 4.0, the OASIS standard of the protocol (OASIS OData TC). The OASIS international
open standards consortium recently announced that Open Data Protocol (OData) version 4.0 and
OData JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Format version 4.0 have been approved as OASIS Standards.
These REST-based standards simplify the querying, sharing, and consuming of data across applications
for re-use in enterprise, Cloud, and mobile environments. More information on the OData ecosystem
of open data producer and consumer services is available at http://www.OData.org/ 

Olingo is used by browser-based user interfaces to query data residing on servers. It is also
used to synchronize data to mobile devices, and exchange data between server systems, and
is part of the technical foundation of SAP NetWeaver® Gateway technology, among other enterprise

Olingo entered the Apache Incubator in July 2013, seeded by code from SAP (Java server libraries
for OData 2.0) and Microsoft Open Technologies (Java client libraries for OData 3.0 and JavaScript
libraries for OData 3.0). The project has since undergone three releases, reflecting 495,107
lines of code and 1,102 commits by 20 individual contributors. 

Apache Olingo supports multiple languages, including Java and JavaScript for OData clients
and servers, namely OData 2.0 in Java, OData 4.0 in Java, and OData 4.0 in JavaScript. Olingo
extensions contain additional features, such as the support of Java Persistence API (JPA)
or annotated bean classes. The project's documentation, wiki, and tutorials highlight several
examples of implementing a custom OData service, including a sample Web application built
with Apache Maven that can be deployed to any Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE)-compliant
Web application server, such as Apache Tomcat. 

"OData v4 recently became an OASIS standard that is increasingly opening up data for an open
Web," said Eduard Koller, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. "Apache
Olingo is open source software to aid in the production
of OData v4.0 clients and servers in both Java and JavaScript. The project brings together
several companies and community developers and we look forward to welcoming more users and
contributors to the community." 

Availability and Oversight 
As with all Apache products, Apache Olingo software is released under the Apache License v2.0,
and is overseen by a self-selected team of active contributors to the project. A Project Management
Committee (PMC) guides the Project's day-to-day operations, including community development
and product releases. For documentation and ways to become involved with Apache Olingo, visit

About The
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) 
Established in 1999, the all-volunteer Foundation oversees more than one hundred and seventy
leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server --the world's most popular Web
server software. Through the ASF's meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way," more than
400 individual Members and 3,500 Committers successfully collaborate to develop freely available
enterprise-grade software, benefiting millions of users worldwide: thousands of software solutions
are distributed under the Apache License; and the community actively participates in ASF mailing
lists, mentoring initiatives, and ApacheCon, the Foundation's official user conference, trainings,
and expo. The ASF is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations
and corporate sponsors including Budget Direct, Citrix, Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google,
Hortonworks, HP, Huawei, IBM,
InMotion Hosting, Matt Mullenweg, Microsoft, Pivotal, Produban, WANdisco, and Yahoo. For
more information, visit http://www.apache.org/ or follow @TheASF on Twitter. 

"Apache", "Apache Olingo", "Olingo", and "ApacheCon" are trademarks of The Apache Software
Foundation. All other brands and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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