The Apache Openmeetings PMC is proud to announce Apache Openmeetings 2.1.1!

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This is bug fix release for 2.1.0 and the second release as Top Level Apache Project!

Please download and build the distribution yourself, or use our convenience
binary package

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Release Notes 2.1.1

Bug fix release for 2.1.0.
This release includes some improvements in user interface, fixes for the
interview and video only rooms, and localization issues.
Configurable hot key for Mute/Unmute have been added.

_Known Issues_
  *Video/audio SIP integration is not a part of the Apache project, check the red5sip project for this integration.
  * Issues with Recordigs that are longer then 1 hour under some circumstances
  * Some issue reported with recent version of Adobe Flash Plugin
  * Multi-tabbing issues with Flash Player on Linux

** Bugs
    * [OPENMEETINGS-432] - video only room is coming with white board also
    * [OPENMEETINGS-439] - An LDAP user can't change their own profile picture.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-481] - When I reserve a room by sending an email, users who connected to this link from an email have the same email address as me
    * [OPENMEETINGS-503] - Openmeetings does not logout on the Recording
    * [OPENMEETINGS-507] - Error message is shown when user save the
Profile settings
    * [OPENMEETINGS-537] - Pop menu  in conference for files shows "Delete folder"
    * [OPENMEETINGS-586] - FileItem owner_id is not replaced with new id while system import
    * [OPENMEETINGS-587] - Exclusive audio by hotkey is broken
    * [OPENMEETINGS-598] - dont build trunk on JDK 1.7 x64
    * [OPENMEETINGS-608] - Office file are uploaded but not displayed
    * [OPENMEETINGS-609] - The end time shown under the Book Conference Room option in New Message is Incorrect
    * [OPENMEETINGS-618] - Incorrect translation
    * [OPENMEETINGS-625] - Profile Pictures not working on LDAP Accounts
    * [OPENMEETINGS-634] - No menu accessable after file upload, in a special condition
    * [OPENMEETINGS-635] - Administration / Configuration : default_lang_id documentation
    * [OPENMEETINGS-654] - Interview room is broken
    * [OPENMEETINGS-670] - The webinar is already closed, you wil be rediredcted to some interesting offerings in X sek
    * [OPENMEETINGS-687] - Microphone is unmuted when user refresh video frame

** Improvement
    * [OPENMEETINGS-589] - Configurable hot key for Mute/Unmute should be added