The Apache Bloodhound team is pleased to announce the availability
of the 0.5.3 release.

Apache Bloodhound is a tool to track progress and defects in software products.

Standing on the shoulders of the mature Trac project, Bloodhound provides issue
tracking, repository browsing and wiki functionality.

On top of this Bloodhound aims to provide intuitive support for managing
multiple software projects, an user-friendly interface and simple installation,
incorporating the some of Trac's best plugins.

The changelog for the 0.5.3 release follows,

 * Removed reference to BloodhoundSearch docs in setup script, which was causing installation to fail.
 * Updated installation document so that site-packages are inherited in the virutalenv.

The release can be downloaded from:

For further information, please visit the project website at

The Apache Bloodhound Team