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From Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons Compress 1.5 Released
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:08:47 GMT
Hash: SHA1

The Apache Commons Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Commons Compress 1.5.

The Apache Commons Compress Library defines a Java API for working with
ar, cpio, tar, zip, dump, gzip, pack200, bzip2 and xz files.

The 1.5 release is mainly a bug fix release with more than 20 fixes,
mostly to the tar and zip packages.  It also allows (OSGi) deployments
without XZ for Java being present.

Source and binary distributions are available for download from the
Apache Commons download site:


When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file available
at the above location when downloading the release.

Changes in this version include:

New features:

o CompressorStreamFactory has an option to create decompressing
  streams that decompress the full input for formats that support
  multiple concatenated streams.
  Issue: COMPRESS-220.

Fixed Bugs:

o Typo in CompressorStreamFactory Javadoc
  Issue: COMPRESS-218.
  Thanks to Gili.
o ArchiveStreamFactory's tar stream detection created false positives
  for AIFF files.
  Issue: COMPRESS-191.
  Thanks to Jukka Zitting.
o XZ for Java didn't provide an OSGi bundle.  Compress' dependency on
  it has now been marked optional so Compress itself can still be used
  in an OSGi context.
  Issue: COMPRESS-199.
  Thanks to Jukka Zitting.
o When specifying the encoding explicitly TarArchiveOutputStream would
  write unreadable names in GNU mode or even cause errors in POSIX
  mode for file names longer than 66 characters.
  Issue: COMPRESS-200.
  Thanks to Christian Schlichtherle.
o Writing TAR PAX headers failed if the generated entry name ended
  with a "/".
  Issue: COMPRESS-203.
o ZipArchiveInputStream sometimes failed to provide input to the
  Inflater when it needed it, leading to reads returning 0.
  Issue: COMPRESS-189.
  Thanks to Daniel Lowe.
o TarArchiveInputStream ignored the encoding for GNU long name
  Issue: COMPRESS-212.
o TarArchiveInputStream could leave the second EOF record inside the
  stream it had just finished reading.
  Issue: COMPRESS-206.
  Thanks to Peter De Maeyer.
o DumpArchiveInputStream no longer implicitly closes the original
  input stream when it reaches the end of the archive.
o ZipArchiveInputStream now consumes the remainder of the archive when
  getNextZipEntry returns null.
o Unit tests could fail if the source tree was checked out to a
  directory tree containign spaces.
  Issue: COMPRESS-205.
  Thanks to Daniel Lowe.
o Fixed a potential ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when reading STORED
  entries from ZipArchiveInputStream.
  Issue: COMPRESS-219.
o CompressorStreamFactory can now be used without XZ for Java being
  Issue: COMPRESS-221.


o Improved exception message if a zip archive cannot be read because
  of an unsupported compression method.
  Issue: COMPRESS-188.
  Thanks to Harald Kuhn.
o ArchiveStreamFactory has a setting for file name encoding that sets
  up encoding for ZIP and TAR streams.
  Issue: COMPRESS-192.
  Thanks to Jukka Zitting.
o TarArchiveEntry now has a method to verify its checksum.
  Issue: COMPRESS-191.
  Thanks to Jukka Zitting.
o Split/spanned ZIP archives are now properly detected by
  ArchiveStreamFactory but will cause an
  UnsupportedZipFeatureException when read.
o ZipArchiveInputStream now reads archives that start with a "PK00"
  signature.  Archives with this signatures are created when the
  archiver was willing to split the archive but in the end only needed
  a single segment - so didn't split anything.
  Issue: COMPRESS-208.
o TarArchiveEntry has a new constructor that allows setting linkFlag
  and preserveLeadingSlashes at the same time.
  Issue: COMPRESS-201.
o ChangeSetPerformer has a new perform overload that uses a ZipFile
  instance as input.
  Issue: COMPRESS-159.
o Garbage collection pressure has been reduced by reusing temporary
  byte arrays in classes.
  Issue: COMPRESS-172.
  Thanks to Thomas Mair.
o Can now handle zip extra field 0x5455 - Extended Timestamp.
  Issue: COMPRESS-210.
  Thanks to Julius Davies.
o handle zip extra field 0x7875 - Info Zip New Unix Extra Field.
  Issue: COMPRESS-211.
  Thanks to Julius Davies.
o ZipShort, ZipLong, ZipEightByteInteger should implement Serializable
  Issue: COMPRESS-213.
  Thanks to Julius Davies.
o better support for unix symlinks in ZipFile entries.
  Issue: COMPRESS-214.
  Thanks to Julius Davies.
o ZipFile's initialization has been improved for non-Zip64 archives.
  Issue: COMPRESS-215.
  Thanks to Robin Power.
o Updated XZ for Java dependency to 1.2 as this version provides
  proper OSGi manifest attributes.

For complete information on Commons Compress, including instructions
on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement,
see the Apache Commons Compress website:


Stefan Bodewig, on behalf of the Apache Commons community
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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