The Apache MINA project is pleased to announce MINA 2.0.7 ! This
version is a bug fix release.

Apache MINA is a network application framework which helps users
develop high performance and high scalability network applications
easily by providing an abstract, event-driven, asynchronous API over
various transports such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP vis Java NIO.

The Apache MINA project website includes resources such as
introductory presentation slides, tutorials, and examples to help you
learn MINA as soon as possible.

This version fixes a few errors found since we released 2.0.5,
including some regression that has been fixed.

Download :

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We recommend all users to upgrade to this release. We consider this a
stable and production ready release.

Release notes :


   * DIRMINA-645 <>- 
SslFilter should start initiating handshake from sesionCreated() rather 
than from onPostAdd()
   * DIRMINA-617 <> - 
JMX - IoServiceMBean doesn't expose IoService statistics
   * DIRMINA-671 <> - 
AbstractPollingIoProcessor useless check for empty message


   * DIRMINA-839 <> - 
The AvailablePortFinder is overly complex

     New features
   * DIRMINA-499 <> - 
Bindings for Scala

The Apache MINA PMC

Emmanuel Lécharny