The Commons Codec team is pleased to announce the commons-codec 1.7 release!

The codec package contains simple encoder and decoders for various formats such as Base64 and Hexadecimal. In addition to these widely used encoders and decoders, the codec package also maintains a collection of phonetic encoding utilities.

Commons Codec 1.7 requires a minimum of Java 1.6.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o CODEC-157:  DigestUtils: Add MD2 APIs. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-156:  DigestUtils: add APIs named after standard algorithm name SHA-1. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-155:  DigestUtils.getDigest(String) should throw IllegalArgumentException instead of RuntimeException. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-153:  Create a class MessageDigestAlgorithms to define standard algorithm names. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-152:  DigestUtils.getDigest(String) loses the original exception. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-151:  Remove unnecessary attempt to fill up the salt variable in UnixCrypt. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-150:  Remove unnecessary call to Math.abs(). Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-148:  More tests and minor things. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-146:  Added regression tests for PhoneticEngine based on Solr-3.6.0. Thanks to Julius Davies.
o CODEC-139:  DigestUtils: add updateDigest methods and make methods public. Thanks to dsebastien.
o CODEC-133:  Add classes for MD5/SHA1/SHA-512-based Unix crypt(3) hash variants. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-130:  Base64InputStream.skip skips underlying stream, not output. Thanks to tn.
o CODEC-63:   Implement NYSIIS phonetic encoder. Thanks to bayard.

Fixed Bugs:
o CODEC-96:   Base64 encode() method is no longer thread-safe, breaking clients using it as a shared BinaryEncoder.
              Note: the fix breaks binary compatibility, however the changes are to a class (BaseNCodec) which is
              intended for internal use. Thanks to sebb.
o CODEC-138:  Complete FilterInputStream interface for BaseNCodecInputStream.
o CODEC-136:  Use Charset objects when possible, create Charsets for required character encodings.
o CODEC-132:  BeiderMorseEncoder OOM issues. Thanks to rcmuir.
o CODEC-131:  DoubleMetaphone javadoc contains dead links. Thanks to smolav.

o CODEC-147:  BeiderMorseEncoder/PhoneticEngine: make results deterministic by using a LinkedHashSet
              instead of a HashSet.
o CODEC-143:  StringBuffer could be replaced by StringBuilder for local variables.


Have fun!
-The Commons Codec team

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