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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Felix Configuration Admin version 1.4.0 Released
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 17:03:38 GMT
The Felix team is pleased to announce the release of Felix
Configuration Admin version 1.4.0

This version fixes a number of issues with the previous release 1.2.8
as well as updates to implement the Configuration Admin specification
version 1.4 as available in the recently published OSGi Compendium
Services Specification R 4.3. For more information refer to

This release is available from
http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi and Maven:


Complete list of issues fixed in this release:

** Bug
   * [FELIX-2766] - Calling update() on a newly created factory
           configuration causes FileNotFoundException
   * [FELIX-2771] - Configuration Admin does not work on Foundation
           1.2 and Mika
   * [FELIX-2813] - NPE in UpdateThread when updating a configuration
           right after ConfigurationAdmin service starts
   * [FELIX-2847] - NPE in ConfigurationManager.java:1003 (static String
           toString( ServiceReference ref ))
   * [FELIX-2885] - The config admin bundle does not indicate its
           provided and required services dependencies
   * [FELIX-2888] - if you create a factory configuration and anybody
           takes a peek before you've had a chance to update, your
           pudding is trapped forever
   * [FELIX-3046] - Empty array configuration value is read as null
           after restart
   * [FELIX-3175] - RankingComparator results in wrong results
   * [FELIX-3227] - ManagedService.update must be called with null
           if configuration exists but is not visilbe
   * [FELIX-3228] - Configuration.getBundleLocation to generous
   * [FELIX-3229] - ConfigurationAdmin.getConfiguration(String, String)
           and .createConfiguration(String) to generous
   * [FELIX-3230] - ConfiguartionAdapter.setBundleLocation checks
           configuration permission incorrectly
   * [FELIX-3231] - Disable update counter
   * [FELIX-3233] - ConfigurationManager.canReceive may throw
   * [FELIX-3390] - Intermittent NPE in ConfigurationManager

** Improvement
   * [FELIX-3180] - Provide MessageFormat based logging method
   * [FELIX-3327] - Gracefully handle Configuration access after
           Configuration Admin Service has terminated

** Task
   * [FELIX-3176] - Implement Configuration Admin 1.4 changes
   * [FELIX-3177] - Remove temporary inclusion of OSGi classes
   * [FELIX-3200] - Track PID changes of ManagedService[Factory] services
   * [FELIX-3301] - Enforce only using Java 1.3 API use

** Wish
   * [FELIX-1747] - Use Remote Resources Plugin to generate the legal files


-The Felix team

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