The Apache DeltaSpike team is pleased to announce the first release (v0.1-incubating).

DeltaSpike consists of a number of portable CDI extensions that provide
useful features for Java application developers. The goal of DeltaSpike
is to create a de-facto standard of CDI-Extensions that is developed
and maintained by the community.

Apache DeltaSpike is available in the central Maven repository under
Group ID "org.apache.deltaspike.*".

Release Notes:

With this first step we started to merge Apache MyFaces CODI-Core and
JBoss Solder. We will release early and often. So take the chance and
test the first features provided by this release. In the next release
we will add further DeltaSpike-Core features and we will start with
further modules.

We would be happy to receive your feedback to improve Apache DeltaSpike step by step.


Gerhard Petracek