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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Turbine 4.0-M1 released
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2011 19:05:10 GMT
The Apache Turbine team is pleased to announce the turbine-4.0-M1 release!

Apache Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java
developers to quickly build secure web applications. Parts of Turbine
can also be used independently of the web portion of Turbine as
well. In other words, we strive to make portions of Turbine easily
available for use in other applications.

Apache Turbine is a long time citizen of the Apache Software Foundation,
the first commits date back to 2000 and 2001. The project has influenced
quite a number of other projects such as Apache DB Torque, Apache Maven
and a number of Apache Commons components.

This milestone release is made for verification of the newly integrated
Fulcrum services and to gather experience (and documentation) on how to
migrate a 2.3.3 installation to the new architecture. It is not meant
for production use. We hope to get lots of feedback from you to release
a stable version of Turbine later this year.

Note that this version requires JDK 1.6+ to run.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Added YAAFI Avalon service container and the corresponding

Fixed Bugs:
o TurbineURI was using the deprecated encode methods of URLEncoder.
Issue: TRB-80. Thanks to Georg Kallidis.
o RunData.getContentType() was returning an empty string when it shouldn't
o Added missing format() methods to LocalizationTool.
o A FileItem in a ParameterParser added to TurbineURI or TemplateURI was
resulting in a NPE.  Issue: TRB-8. Thanks to Gunther Olesch.
o TurbineURI was mishandling the empty String.  Issue: TRB-16. Thanks to
J├╝rgen Hoffmann.
o BrowserDetector was throwing a NPE for recent versions of Opera - this
has been fixed.
o Removed remaining Merlin artifacts
o Handle non US-ASCII encoding with multipart/form-data mimetype better.
Thanks to Leandro Rodrigo Saad Cruz.

o Updated dependency on commons-collections to 3.2.1
o Updated dependency on commons-configuration to 1.6
o Updated dependency on commons-lang to 2.5
o Updated dependency on commons-email to 1.2
o Move to Java-5 generics.
o Merged changes of the 2.3-branch into the trunk.
o Merged JSON-RPC-Service of the 2.3-branch into the trunk.
o Merged UIService of the 2.3-branch into the trunk.
o Merged TorqueSecurityService of the 2.3-branch (temporarily) into the
o Replaced the XSLT-Service with its Fulcrum counterpart.
o Adjusted the IntakeTool to use IntakeServiceFacade instead of Intake
o Made TurbineException extend JDK-1.4-Exception instead of commons-lang
o Moved the initialization of the pipeline so that all services are
initialized first and can be used in the pipeline.
o Added a getLoader() method to the AssemblerBrokerService to allow
dynamic loaders. Loaders are expected to be provided by the module
o Moved the different loader caches into the AssemblerBrokerService and
centralized several loader features. The loaders do no longer extend
o Removed the references to the different module types from
TurbineConstants and tried to reduce the number of inter-dependencies in
the module, loader and broker-classes. This should lead to a transparent
module configuration without any hard-wired module types.
o Ported the class cache for JavaBaseFactory from Turbine 2.3
o Use the transparent service lookup in all service lookups
o Initialize the locale of RunData, the ParameterParser and the
CookieParser from the HttpServletRequest. Make RunData.setLocale
propagate the locale setting to the parsers.
o Make sure that Turbine uses the ParserService to get correctly
initialized parser objects. Issue: TRB-39.
o Updated jar dependency: javamail to 1.3.3
o The avalon-framework-4.3 allows to create an Avalon logger based on a
commons logger.
o Setting all members of BaseServiceBroker to private as it should be.
o Removed hack in Turbine.java forcing an early init of the
AvalonComponentService. The removal could potentially break existing
code if the AvalonComponentService is not configured to be early
initialized since the requested service wouldn't be found.
o Implementing transparent service lookup using TurbineServiceProviders
o The AvalonComponentService does not use the deprecated Component
interface and ComponentException.
o Restructured the dependency section to distinguish between ECM and
YAAFI dependencies.
o Use the Fulcrum components from Fulcrum 3.0.0
o Use RELEASED versions of Fulcrum components!
o The velocity page formatting macros have been updated to generate
xhtml compatible html.

o Remove remains of old parser management: ParserUtils
o Removed the XMLRPC-Service. There is a more current alternative
implementation available in the Fulcrum repository.
o Remove Merlin service.  When the replacement for Merlin (Metro) is
released, then add back in support.
o Remove old security services based on coupled Torque.
o Remove dependencies on Stratum and Torque. Torque is now completely
optional for Turbine. Stratum has been replaced by the

Have fun!
-The Apache Turbine team

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