The Apache Hive team is pleased to announce the release of Hive 0.7.1.

Apache Hive is a data warehouse system for Hadoop that facilitates easy data summarization, ad-hoc querying, and analysis of large datasets stored in Hadoop compatible file systems

Hive 0.7.1 is available in both binary and source distributions:


Release Notes - Hive - Version 0.7.1

** Bug
    * [HIVE-2054] - Exception on windows when using the jdbc driver.
                    "IOException: The system cannot find the path specified"
    * [HIVE-2176] - Schema creation scripts are incomplete since they leave
                    out tables that are specific to DataNucleus

** Improvement
    * [HIVE-1731] - Improve miscellaneous error messages
    * [HIVE-2140] - Return correct Major / Minor version numbers for
                    JDBC Hive Driver
    * [HIVE-2158] - Add the HivePreparedStatement implementation based
                    on current HIVE supported data-type

** Task
    * [HIVE-1095] - Hive in Maven
    * [HIVE-2076] - Provide Metastore upgrade scripts and default schemas
                    for PostgreSQL