The Apache Archiva team would like to announce the release of Archiva 1.3.5. This is primarily a security and bug fix release. All users are advised to upgrade.

Archiva is available for download from:

Archiva is an application for managing one or more remote artifact repositories, including administration, artifact handling, browsing and searching.

If you have any questions, please consult:
* the web site:
* the archiva-user mailing list:

** Release Notes - Archiva - Version 1.3.5 **

[MRM-1457] - Cpu usage 100%
[MRM-1467] - Archiva does not start up on Solaris 64-bit.
[MRM-1469] - Uploading large artifacts is dreadfully slow
[MRM-1463] - Better Layout for Artifact Download Box
[MRM-1460] - Upgrade Archiva to Redback 1.2.8
[MRM-1468] - Fix cross-site scripting vulnerability in Archiva.

The Apache Archiva Team