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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Felix Http Service 2.2.0 Released
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2011 10:44:38 GMT
The Felix team is pleased to announce the release of Felix Http Service

The Felix Http Service is an implementation of the HTTP Service
Specification as described in chapter 102 of the OSGi Compendium. The
goal is to provide a standard and simplified way to register servlets
and resources in a Servlet container, and to associate them with URIs.
It also implement a non-standard extension for registering servlet
filters as well as a whiteboard implementation. Complete set of

      * Standard HTTP Service implementation. 
      * Extended HTTP Service implementation that allows for servlet
        filter registration. 
      * Run either with Jetty or inside your own application server
        using the servlet bridge. 
      * A whiteboard implementation for easy registration of servlets
        and filters. 
      * One complete bundle that includes everything to simplify


This release is available from
http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi and Maven:


Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [FELIX-1946] - jetty http service issues 'started' message when
    * [FELIX-1979] - ServletHandlerRequest.getPathInfo() returns
                     undecoded string
    * [FELIX-1999] - The classes in the http.base bundle do not properly
                     handle ServletRequest.getPathInfo() == null
    * [FELIX-2000] - Pathinfo for servlets/filters with relative path
                     not correctly determined 
    * [FELIX-2030] - Webconsole cannot handle relative paths
    * [FELIX-2387] - registerServlet() throws NPE
    * [FELIX-2394] - Servlets that are automatically unregistered should
                     not be destroyed
    * [FELIX-2398] - Config property to disable NIO use in http.bundle
                     doesn't work
    * [FELIX-2691] - Apache Felix HTTP service
                     HttpServiceImpl.isNameValid does not match OSGi
                     R4.2 spec?
    * [FELIX-2768] - HttpContext.handleSecurity returns SC_FORBIDDEN
                     unless response is comitted
    * [FELIX-2788] - ServletContextImpl does not propagate context
                     attribute changes to parent context
    * [FELIX-2801] - Http exports should not use the bundle version
    * [FELIX-2806] - Fix NOTICE files to comply with ASF standards
** Improvement
    * [FELIX-1978] - Make ConfigAdmin packages optional
    * [FELIX-2605] - FilterHandler should pre-compile regular expression
    * [FELIX-2769] - Provide Metatype Descriptor for Jetty Configuration
    * [FELIX-2772] - setting http.port=-1 should disable service rather
                     than throw exception
** New Feature
    * [FELIX-1962] - Add support for (select) Servlet API listeners


-The Felix team

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