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From Benjamin Bentmann <bentm...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Maven 3.0.2 Released
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 21:32:03 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 3.0.2

Maven is a project comprehension and build tool, designed to simplify 
the process of maintaining a healthy development lifecycle for your 
project. You can read more here:


Downloads of source and binary distributions are listed in our download 


A major goal of Maven 3.0.x is to be compatible, to the extent possible, 
with existing plugins and projects designed for Maven 2.x. Users 
interested in upgrading to 3.x should have a glance at the compatibility 
notes for known differences between Maven 3.0 and Maven 2.x:


Users who already use Maven 3.0 are encouraged to update to this new 
maintenance release.

If you encounter unexpected problems while using Maven 3.0.2, please 
feel free to contact us via the Maven developer list:


Release Notes - Maven 2 & 3 - Version 3.0.2 (since 3.0.1 only)

** Bug
     * [MNG-4840] - Prerequisites is not working on m3
     * [MNG-4913] - [regression] User properties override equally named 
POM properties of transitive dependencies
     * [MNG-4915] - Versions in pom.xml are not checked for invalid 
     * [MNG-4918] - MavenProject#clone() doubles active profiles
     * [MNG-4919] - Plugin execution contributed by lifecycle mapping 
gets lost when same goal is bound multiple times
     * [MNG-4923] - [regression] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
     * [MNG-4925] - Mismanagement of container lookup realm can cause 
type incompatibilities for plugins looking up components by string
     * [MNG-4933] - With a resource directory as . maven raise an 
     * [MNG-4941] - PluginDescriptorBuilder doesn't populate 
expression/default-value fields for mojo parameters
     * [MNG-4952] - [regression] RELEASE field of repository metadata is 
not updated upon repeated deployments
     * [MNG-4955] - [regression] Outdated remote snapshots are preferred 
over locally installed snapshots
     * [MNG-4960] - [regression] Make-like reactor mode does not build 
selected project when resuming from one of its prerequisites
     * [MNG-4966] - Preserve double slashes in the scm connection url - 
identifies absolute repository paths for mercurial

** Improvement
     * [MNG-4912] - Use of raw type should be Comparable<ArtifactVersion>
     * [MNG-4916] - Poor ProjectBuilder.build performance for projects 
with unresolvable extension plugins
     * [MNG-4922] - ExecutionEvent give on the exception encountered 
(when having mojoFailed)
     * [MNG-4926] - ExecutionEvent give on the exception encountered 
(when having projectFailed , forkedProjectFailed)
     * [MNG-4944] - Include JRE vendor in version info
     * [MNG-4950] - Javadoc improvements to DefaultSettingsWriter/Reader
     * [MNG-4953] - Issue a warning when a system-scope dependency 
refers to the project basedir

** New Feature
     * [MNG-4936] - Allow to better monitor and adjust a Maven build 
during CI
     * [MNG-4937] - Allow the platform scripts to avoid loading mavenrc 

** Task
     * [MNG-4945] - Remove mergeId from public POM
     * [MNG-4957] - Emit validation warning when project version uses 
irregular SNAPSHOT version string
     * [MNG-4959] - Update default plugin versions


-The Maven team

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