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From Paul Lindner <lind...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Shindig 2.0.0 released
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 18:38:56 GMT
The Apache Shindig team is proud to announce the release of Apache
Shindig, version 2.0.0

Apache Shindig is an OpenSocial reference implementation in wide use
by both social networks and enterprise software.

Version 2.0.0 marks a major upgrade over the last previous stable
release - 1.0.1.  This release supports most of the OpenSocial 1.0
specification.  To accomplish this  most of the interfaces have been
extensively refactored and all of the subsystems have been cleaned up
and revamped.

Major new features include:
 * Support for Opensocial 0.9 and 1.0 features
  * New javascript osapi
  * OpenSocial Templates
  * Data Pipelining
  * Experimental Support in the shindig-extras module for:
    * Activity Streams Support
    * PubSub-2 support
    * Google Wave gadgets support
    * Opensocial Virtual Currency and Payments
  * Opensocial Groups Support
  * and much more.

Developer Improvements include:
  * Much improved Guice extensibility.  It's now much easier to layer
new functionality
    into Shindig.
  * New shindig-extras module that includes features that are not yet
  * All dependencies synced to the latest revisions.

The release is available here:


You can find out more information about Apache Shindig including how
to contribute at the project website at http://shindig.apache.org/

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