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From Justin Edelson <jus...@apache.org>
Subject [[ANN] Apache Sling Commons OSGi version 2.0.6, Launchpad Base 2.2.0 and Maven Launchpad Plugin 2.0.6 Released
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 14:21:03 GMT
The Apache Sling team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Sling
Commons OSGi 2.0.6, Launchpad Base 2.2.0 and Maven Launchpad Plugin 2.0.6.

Apache Sling Commons OSGi provides utility methods when implementing OSGi
related services
and components.

Apache Sling Launchpad Base contains the core Launchpad OSGi application

Apache Sling Maven Launchpad Plugin facilitates the development, execution,
and distribution of Launchpad-based OSGi applications.

This release is available from
http://sling.apache.org/site/downloads.cgiand Maven:




Release Notes - Sling - Version Commons OSGi 2.0.6
** Improvement
    * [SLING-1278] - Utilities for bundle version comparison, handling both
jar files and Bundle objects
    * [SLING-1431] - Utility method to get the service ranking

Release Notes - Sling - Version  Launchpad Base 2.2.0
** Bug
    * [SLING-1210] - BootstrapInstaller will attempt (and fail) to start
fragment bundles
    * [SLING-1252] - Reactor build using Maven 2.0.9 creates non-functional
launchpad base artifact
    * [SLING-1273] - Launchpad Loader uses fragile file timestamp comparison
to update launcher jar
    * [SLING-1285] - Launchpad does not start under windows
(launchpad.base.jar is not accessible)

** Improvement
    * [SLING-983] - Add sling.properties file to configuration status page
    * [SLING-1093] - Prepare for JCR 2.0
    * [SLING-1101] - sling_bootstrap.txt: run-once command file for the
    * [SLING-1179] - Convert Launchpad Webapp to use Felix HttpService
instead of Equinox
    * [SLING-1189] - When comparing SNAPSHOT-versioned bundles, also check
the Bnd-LastModified Header
    * [SLING-1223] - Enable Servlet and Filter whiteboard support in
    * [SLING-1418] - upgrade to felix 2.0.4
    * [SLING-1443] - allow bundle loading to be forced
    * [SLING-1484] - Jetty 7.0.1 throws a NullPointerException when
ServletContext.log() called with null Throwable

** Task
    * [SLING-1205] - Upgrade projects to Sling Parent 8

Release Notes - Sling - Version Maven Launchpad Plugin 2.0.6
** Bug
    * [SLING-1351] - Launchpad plugin wont merge additional lists correctly.
    * [SLING-1364] - Inside a Bundle Project it is not possible to executed
an embedded Test with LaunchPad, Cargo and Jetty

** Improvement
    * [SLING-1321] - Launchpad Plugin should be able to load additional
bundle defs from a file
    * [SLING-1322] - Launchpad Plugin shouldn't try to load bundle xml or
jar when it's run inside launchpad/builder
    * [SLING-1323] - Launchpad Plugin should allow for bundles to be removed
from the list
    * [SLING-1441] - add a "run" goal to maven-launchpad-plugin
    * [SLING-1442] - add "start" and "stop" goals to maven-launchpad-plugin
    * [SLING-1454] - launchpad plugin should be able to load a filtered
properties file
    * [SLING-1491] - Use Felix HttpService instead of Pax Web as the default
httpservice provider in maven-launchpad-plugin

** New Feature
    * [SLING-1197] - new prepare-package Maven goal to simplify launchpad


-The Sling team

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