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From Nathan Bubna <nbu...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Velocity Engine 1.7-beta1 release available
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 22:53:50 GMT
The Velocity developers are please to announce the availability of
Velocity Engine 1.7-beta1.

Downloads can be found here:

A great deal of work has been done since the 1.6 branch.  Here's a taste:

- Your macros can now be called with bodies when you want:
     #macro(foo)Here is $bodyContent#end
     #@foo()body content!#end
- Quotes can be escaped in strings by doubling them:
     #set( $foo = "$person said, ""$comment"" " )
     #set( $bar = 'Joe said, ''Hi!'' ' )
- The flawed #literal directive has been replaced with:
     #[[ This is included but not parsed, so #if and $foo need no escaping.]]#

Also included are namespacing improvements, better #break and #stop,
bracketed index syntax, and more!  For full details, please see the
change log:

This should work as a drop-in replacement for Velocity 1.6.3 in the
vast majority of cases.  However, there have been a number of
deprecations (should result in warnings in your log output) and a few
minor behavioral changes, all of which are explained in the change
log. :)

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