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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Felix SCR version 1.2.0 Released
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 18:47:00 GMT
The Felix team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Felix
SCR version 1.2.0.

The Apache Felix SCR is an implementation of the OSGi Declarative
Services Specification 1.1 (part of OSGi Compendium Specification R4.2).


This release is available from
http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi and Maven:


Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [FELIX-1162] - Component.getReferences returns null if a component
                     that has references is not enabled.
    * [FELIX-1166] - SCR does not rebind ConfigurationAdmin service in
                     Sling jcrinstall tests
    * [FELIX-1173] - Concurrency Issues while containing bundle is
    * [FELIX-1177] - Components must correctly be disposed off
    * [FELIX-1178] - Component may remain deactivated after a reference
                     has been unregistered and registered again
    * [FELIX-1185] - If a static/mandatory reference to a service is
                     unregistered, the component should be deactivated
                     synchronously instead of asynchronously
    * [FELIX-1195] - NullPointerException in ComponentActivatorTask if
                     component is destroyed
    * [FELIX-1238] - NPE when invoking "scr list" with no components
    * [FELIX-1252] - NullPointerException in "scr list" command
    * [FELIX-1413] - Newly registered services must not immediately
                     bound for static references
    * [FELIX-1414] - Service ranking is only obeyed on first component
    * [FELIX-1416] - Wrong factory configuration behaviour
    * [FELIX-1436] - Descriptors with duplicate implementation and/or
                     service elements are invalid
    * [FELIX-1437] - DS 1.1 signatures for activators and bind methods
                     only available for declaration with new namespace
    * [FELIX-1440] - Abort method (binder, activator) method search on
                     non-accessible suitable methods
    * [FELIX-1445] - When a component is deactivated due to the
                     deactivation of a service to which it staticly 1..1
                     references, this component is not reactivated when
                     that service is reregistered.
    * [FELIX-1503] - Component Factory instances are not let gone after
    * [FELIX-1504] - ComponentInstance implementation is reused accross
    * [FELIX-1658] - Deadlocks caused by component activation and
    * [FELIX-1666] - Missing support for DS 1.1 specified lazy
                     activation behavior
    * [FELIX-1674] - typo in scr and webconsole - "unsatisifed"
    * [FELIX-1714] - typo in scr command
    * [FELIX-1733] - Disposed components are not removed from the
                     component registry
    * [FELIX-1825] - Configurations of delayed components are not
                     deactivated if not used any more
    * [FELIX-1826] - ComponentException must be thrown if
                     ComponentFactory.newInstance cannot create a
                     component instance
    * [FELIX-1827] - Check permission before getting or registering
    * [FELIX-1830] - Support for DS 1.1 character property type name
    * [FELIX-1832] - ServiceFactory must not be deactivated if the
                     instances fails to be created
    * [FELIX-1833] - Stopping the Felix SCR bundle may leave traces
                     behind thus preventing the class loader from being

** Improvement
    * [FELIX-1186] - Defer the construction of a log message
    * [FELIX-1223] - Replace ManagedService[Factory] by
                     ConfigurationListener based component configuration
    * [FELIX-1239] - AbstractComponentManager.getServiceReference need
                     not be synchronized
    * [FELIX-1313] - Declarative Services bundle should not export
                     Configuration Admin package
    * [FELIX-1314] - Restructure SCR implementation package
    * [FELIX-1443] - Unify Method lookup
    * [FELIX-1447] - Remove ComponentMetadata parameter from
                     AbstractComponentManager.log method signature
    * [FELIX-1530] - Extend the SCR introspection API to reflect the new
                     DS 1.1 features
    * [FELIX-1686] - Missing activate or deativate methods show up as
                     Error in LogService
    * [FELIX-1735] - Use system property to provide bundle jar file to
                     integration tests
    * [FELIX-1823] - Drop support for Framework API 1.3 (R4.0)

** New Feature
    * [FELIX-924] - No component instance if no Configuration
    * [FELIX-925] - Extend SCR to allow alternate activate and
                    deactivate method signatures
    * [FELIX-927] - Allow bind and unbind methods to receive the service
    * [FELIX-928] - Allow use of wildcards in Service-Component header
    * [FELIX-929] - Making name attributes optional
    * [FELIX-930] - XML schema namespace change
    * [FELIX-1232] - Do not use private configuration properties as
                     service properties
    * [FELIX-1284] - Support for the 'modified' operation (DS in OSGi
                     4.2 compendium)

** Task
    * [FELIX-1711] - Remove OSGi library source from SVN and depend on
                     official R4.2 libraries


-The Felix team

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