The Apache Archiva team is pleased to announce the release of Archiva 1.1.4

Apache Archiva is an extensible repository management software that helps taking care of your own personal or enterprise-wide build artifact repository. It is the perfect companion for build tools such as Maven, Continuum, and ANT.

Archiva offers several capabilities, amongst which remote repository proxying, security access management, build artifact storage, delivery, browsing, indexing and usage reporting, extensible scanning functionality... and many more!

The latest release is now available here:

If you have any questions, please consult:
 - the web site:
- the archiva-user mailing list:

Change Log for Archiva 1.1.4

** Bug
    * [MRM-1152] - Fix for MRM-1136 needs to be backported for 1.1.x

Note: MRM-1136 addresses the handling of metadata files deployed using Maven 2.1

The Apache Archiva team