The Apache Tuscany team are pleased to announce the 1.1.1 release of the Java SDO project.

Service Data Objects(SDO) provide a programming model that simplifies data handling in an SOA environment. Advantages of SDO are:

    * Uniform access to data from heterogeneous sources which could be XML, RDB, POJO, SOAP, etc.
    * SDO provides both a static (or strongly typed) programming model and a dynamic (or loosely typed) programming model. This provides a simple programming model without sacrificing the dynamic model needed by tools and frameworks.
    * Provides Meta-data for easy introspection of data types
    * Supports a disconnected model, whereby data can be retrieved from a data source via Data Access Service. The data can be modified by a client with change tracking, and applied back to the data source.
    * SDO programming model is language neutral

This 1.1.1 release is a maintenance release over the 1.1 release, see the
RELEASE_NOTES [1], and to download the distributions please go to:

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Thank you for your interest in Apache Tuscany!

The Apache Tuscany Team.