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From "Martijn Dashorst" <dasho...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Wicket 1.3 released
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 19:54:59 GMT
Starting the new year with a bang the Wicket Team has released Apache
Wicket 1.3. With this release comes a lot of great successes, but most
of all the team wanted to express their wishes to everyone for a happy
new year.

You can download Apache Wicket 1.3 here:


Apache Wicket is one of the fastest growing Java open source component
based web frameworks. With a focus on producing valid html and a
logical separation between design and code.  Within minutes you can
start to enjoy throwing out tag soup, complex components and high
maintenance overhead for a simple POJO + html data model.

See the Apache Wicket website for more information:


Take a look at some of the following highlights or skip to the bottom
and get started now.

 * last JDK-1.4 release (next release will be Java 5 based)
 * first Apache release: renamed packages to org.apache.wicket
 * simplified several core APIs
 * now works with zero-config behind a proxy server using relative URLs
 * added Google Guice support
 * use your Wicket pages directly in a portal without changing a line
of code (JSR-168/JSR-286 support)
 * switched logging API from commons-logging to slf4j
 * integrate velocity templates as panels in your pages
 * YUI-calendar and Joda time based date picker (wicket-datetime)
 * contribute new javascript dependencies to the page header using an
Ajax requeset
 * improved, more robust header contributions
 * scale to extremely large numbers of users with stateless pages and components
 * improved AjaxTree/AjaxTreeTable
 * hybrid URL encoding to make search engines and your users happy
 * create form panels and use them anywhere without worrying about the
nesting of form tags
 * minimized session use by storing component hierarchy in file system

Get started today by downloading Wicket using this link:


The distribution contains all the Wicket libraries, and all the source
code including the examples project. In the root of the download you
will find a README document with full instructions.

Migrate your Wicket 1.2 application to Wicket 1.3 using our migration guide:


Best wishes from the Wicket Team and a prosperous 2008!

 - The Wicket Team

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