The Velocity developers are pleased to issue two new releases: Anakia 1.0 and Texen 1.0.

Anakia is an XML text transformation tool based on Apache Velocity and Apache Ant.  It provides an alternative to using Ant's <style> task and XSL to process XML files. A common use of Anakia is to process xdoc files and create site/project documentation.  More information on Anakia can be found here:

Texen is a general-purpose text generation utility, also based on Apache Velocity and Apache Ant.  More information is here:

Both Anakia and Texen were previously part of the core Velocity engine distribution but have been split off into their own packages to simplify maintenance and facilitate different release cycles.  To avoid namespace conflict, org.apache.velocity .anakia has been moved to org.apache.anakia and org.apache.velocity.texen has been changed to org.apache.texen.

-- Will Glass-Husain

(on behalf of the Velocity developer community)