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From ApacheCon Europe Team <l...@apache.org>
Subject One Week Until ApacheCon Europe 2005
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 08:52:58 GMT
One Week Until ApacheCon Europe 2005

With only a week left for ApacheCon Europe 2005 to open its doors, this is
your last chance to be a part of this exciting event. Come, be a part of   
this first-time Apache event in Stuttgart, Germany.

Registration information is available at www.apachecon.com.

Featuring an array of tutorials and a bunch of sessions by leading Apache  
specialists, ApacheCon Europe 2005 offers unique highlights such as:       

  Keynote #1: Dr. Horst Zuse, the son of the famous Konrad Zuse will
              present "The Origins of the Computer". In his keynote,
              he will present the achievements of Charles Babbage,
              George Stibitz, Vincent Atanasoff, Howard Aiken, and of
              course the achievements of Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) who
              is known as the inventor of the first working, freely
              programmable machine using Boolean logic with binary
              floating point numbers.

  Keynote #2: Danese Cooper, who recently joined Intel to advise on Open   
              Source projects, investment and support, speaks on Open
              Source and  Licensing. In her presentation "Open Source in
              the Developing World", she will share insights gained from
              more than six years of global travel, teaching and advocating
              for Open Source.

  Keynote #3: Jan Wildeboer is a member of the FFII and involved heavily   
              in the lobbying efforts against software patents in europe.
              In his presentation he will provide an overview of the
              current state of "Software Patents in Europe" and describe
              where we are heading.

This year, we will be holding BOFs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
evenings. Please sign up for the available slots on the Wiki, at
http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/BirdsOfaFeather/. While you're there,
feel free to update any other information on the Wiki, either before,
during, or after the conference.

And, if you blog, you might be interested in http://blog.apachecon.com/.
We'll be blogging throughout the conference, and you can trackback to
these postings so that everyone can see who's blogging about the
conference. If you don't have your own blog, during the conference
you'll be able to sign up on our blog, and make postings there.

More information on the conference can be found at http://apachecon.com.

Best Regards
ApacheCon Europe Team

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