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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Re: system.listMethods support in apache XML-RPC
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 22:17:44 GMT

On 11/16/06, Greg Johnson <> wrote:

>    I read (with some dismay) the interaction between you and Walter
> Mundt ( over finally
> adding support for introspection to Apache XML-RPC.  I was not
> altogether surprise that, after 5 months, 'the user lost interest' -
> it seems a _very_ long period to negotiate over several obstacles
> which turned out not to be obstacles (overloading).
> Can you clarify for me the current state of the code?  I am trying to
> use version 3 in the accepted way (system.listMethods, as widely
> used) and get a NoSuchHandler error - I guess this means the patch
> Walter proposed has not been included?  Is this simply because he
> didn't wish to provide further documentation?

I am reading (with some dismay) your interpretation of what happened
in XMLRPC-75.

First of all, please be so kind that the first months of 2006 have
been exactly that time frame when I was working very, very much on the
implementation of version 3. Nevertheless, I considered introspection
so interesting that I took the time to bring it into the very first
beta release.

I would also want you to note, that Walters first patch against 3.0
was submitted at 24/Feb. The full implementation, as proposed by
Walter, was entered by me at 22/May, which is three months later. If
you expect more speed, then I suggest that you jump into the project
and start to contribute or pay for support. (And, if you do that, then
I would ask you to inspect the average time between reporting a bug in
the XML-RPC 3 project and resolving the bug, which is better than any
professional support I am aware of.)

Finally, if you have any issues with the current code, then I would
like you to specify more details, preferrably in a Jira issue.

> It would be great to see some mention of this issue on the main
> website - it is a prety fundamental aspect that is available in most
> other implementations.

As I wrote in XMLRPC-75: Patches welcome. If you want something to be
changed, do it.


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