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From Eugene Prokopiev <>
Subject Re: Single handler instance for all requests
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 14:25:03 GMT
> But replacing one factory with another 
> looks like dirty hack. What is the 
> right way to do it?

Replacing can be done with 
AbstractReflectiveHandlerMapping.setRequestProcessorFactoryFactory but 
this is wrong way.

I need to instantiate handler with my own factory based on any String 
value (abstract class name from any source: JNDI name or Spring bean 
name), not on Class type. So, it looks like I need to modify 
RequestProcessorFactory.getRequestProcessorFactory or create parallel 
stack to use String instead of Class. In my own RequestProcessorFactory 
I need to load existing and configured handler from any location (JNDI 
or Spring context).

Is this right way or any other exists?

Eugene Prokopiev

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