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From Christoph Theis <>
Subject Bug in MinML?
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 18:18:18 GMT


I guess I encountered a bug in the MinML parser:

When the parser checks for endCDATA, it will check for two ']'
followed by a '>'. If that is not the case it will write 3 characters,
the two '>' and the offending character to the buffer. In that state
it might overwrite the next characters to read.

As an example consider the sequence "]]+:".
When reading the '+' the parser determines that it is not end of CDATA
and will write ']', ']' and '+' to the buffer. Now it could happen
that when reading the '+' the parser is at the end of the read buffer
(nextIn == lastIn) and will flush the buffer setting count = 0 and
nextIn = 1. Writing the reamining characters will now overwrite nextIn,
that is the ':' with second ']'. So write has to check if count is
still less than nextIn.

In MinML$MinMLBuffer an implementation for write would be, assuming
that nextIn will never be 0.

    public void write(final int c) throws IOException {
      // flush if there is not enough space for the character
      if (written && count == nextIn)
      written = true;
      chars[count++] = (char)c;

    public void write(final char[] cbuf, final int off, final int len) throws IOException
      // flush if there is not enough space for the array
      if (written && (count + len) >= nextIn)
      // Write single characters if there is still not enough space
      if (count + len >= nextIn) {
         for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
      written = true;
      System.arraycopy(cbuf, off, chars, count, len);
      count += len;

Sorry I can't give you a diff context since I changed more than that in MinML
(I had to determine the enconding of the XML file).


Christoph Theis

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