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From "Hanno Wiegard" <>
Subject JVM_Bind exception when calling setupServerSocket in the WebServer
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:39:54 GMT

I've started using the beta 1 of the xmlrpc server with our software (before we used version
1.1). First I've found out that the constuctor of WebServer does not throw an IOException
anymore and that a JVM_Bind exception is thrown after calling the start method of the WebServer
when the requested port is already occupied (after ten attempts). Then I thought of moving
our code for retrying/scanning for a free port next to the code calling the start method,
but because the WebServer thread is already started, catching the exception is not that easy.
From my point of view it would be easier for the user of the WebServer if the constructor
throws the exception again and a setPort method is added to the WebServer. Do you think this
is possible or are there other side effects?

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