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From Raymond Penners <>
Subject XML-RPC applet fix: removed sun.misc dependency
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 13:16:40 GMT
Hi all,

I am using your XML-RPC (1.0) in an applet. At first, things didn't work 
because org.apache.xmlrpc.applet.XmlRpcSupport referred to 
sun.misc.BASE64Encoder for encoding/decoding base64 data. This is Sun 
specific and does not work on all browsers. On my setup, things only 
functioned correctly only using Netscape 4.x. Both IE, and Mozilla failed.

Other users also encountered this problem, with no solution offered:

I easily fixed this by removing the dependency on sun.misc.BASE64* to 
org.apache.xmlrpc.Base64. Now, it works across all browsers.

Please let me know what you think of this patch. I've successfully 
transferred binary data between a PHP XML-RPC server and an XML-RPC 
applet (both ways).

Raymond Penners -*- -*-

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