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From Timothy Peierls <>
Subject cleanup in XmlRpcServer.Worker
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:15:17 GMT
The XmlRpcServer.Worker fields inParams, outParam, result, and
strbuf are not being cleared on exit from the execute() method, and
I believe they should be. All it takes is to wrap the execute() body

    try {
    finally {
        inParams = null;
        outParam = null;
        result = null;

and remove the existing else clause that has "strBuf.setLength(0)".

Even better, if outParam and result were made local variables
instead of fields of Worker, you could remove the second and third
lines of the finally clause.

Why does this matter? Because there is no guarantee that the
execute() method will be called again any time soon, or ever. Since
there is no size restriction on arguments and results in the XML-RPC
spec, you can have arbitrarily large objects hanging around for
arbitrarily long intervals, a classic Java memory leak.

I saw this happen in practice: The service defined a method to
return the state of the entire system (as XML-RPC structs and
arrays). Huge chunks of memory that could have been freed up on
return were left dangling uselessly until the Worker was next used.
Performance noticeably improved when we made a local fix to the
Worker class.

I asked about this over a year ago, but I think it got lost in the

Tim Peierls <>

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