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From Hannes Wallnöfer <>
Subject Re: xdocs
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:35:07 GMT
Cool. I'll start playing around with it this evening. 

I'll also check in the missing applet classes this evening, so we're
getting close to deliver something to the outside world ;-)


Jason van Zyl wrote:
> Hi Hannes,
> I have added some initial xdocs just so you can see how things are setup.
> Here are the guildlines for the anakia documentation:
> What I made is basically a shell. I have placed your documents into anakia
> formatted documents but left the body text commented out on the bottom. You
> can slowly move the text into the body of the document.
> To regenerate the documentation use the 'docs' target. You just have the
> jakarta-site2 module checked out in parallel for now. We can break this dep
> later  I just wanted to get you going so we could get some docs up and
> running quickly.
> Daniel and I are both familiar with the xdoc format so just poke us if you
> need a hand. If you focus on the text I will clean up the look later. Like I
> said, there's not much there but it's a start. Just update the repository
> and you'll see the xdocs directory and hopefully you will be able to go from
> there.
> --
> jvz.
> Jason van Zyl

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