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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: WS-Security 1.1
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 19:50:33 GMT
There has been a slight delay to the promotion to Committee Specification --
they found a few typos in some of the examples in the specs, so they have to
edit them and restart the process. I suspect that will delay things for
about a month. Once the specs are approved as Committee Specs, I expect the
TC to submit them for ratification as soon as possible, and then it will
take another 45 days or so before they can become ratified, assuming no one
raises issues that require a fix.


On 11/17/05, Olano, Ever <> wrote:
>  Hello. I just joined the mailing list so pardon me if this has been asked
> before. I could not find a search button on the mailing list archives. I'll
> also go through the past posts but if there's anyone who wouldn't mind
> answering this (again) now, I'd be really grateful. Actually, it's a group
> of questions.
>  Does anyone know when the new version of the standard (1.1) might be
> "approved" as an OASIS standard? I can see that they're now considering the
> current drafts for promotion to "Committee Specification", which is one step
> away (or actually, they say, promotion to committee spec and to standard may
> be simultaneous) from OASIS standard. How much longer do you think before we
> see the new 1.1 standard?
>  Also, is WSS4J ready for 1.1? Is the dev team taking some steps now to
> gradually incorporate the 1.1 changes? How long do you think after 1.1comes out before
WSS4J becomes
> 1.1-compliant? Hope you don't mind my asking. I just want to have an idea.
> I don't mean to place any demands on you, guys. It's been working great so
> far. Kudos to everyone involved!
>  Thanks,
> Ever

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