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From Laurence Brockman <>
Subject RE: WSS4J and Kerberos signatures
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 21:58:15 GMT
Ok, I feel kind of sheepish about asking this question, but looking at
the WSDoAllReceiver code I've begun adding in the hooks for the Kerberos
code (Adding what I think are the appropriate checks for a new case in
various classes) I'm not sure what to do to trigger it to actually
execute the new class that I am making.

The QName has to match in when looking at the security headers to get it
to execute the appropriate processor (Kerberos in this case). The QName
is created based on the NS and LN attribute for other cases and I'm
unsure of what to use for the Kerberos cases below to get it to
instantiate the appropriate QName object.

If anyone could provide some guidance I would definitely appreciate it.
I believe the name space should be that defined in the draft
but I'm not sure of this.

Here's what I have done so far:

In (This is what I'm not sure of):

     * The definitions for Kerberos -- This is what I am unsure of how
to set.
    public static final String KERBEROS_NS = "";
    public static final String KERBEROS_LN = "";


     * Added by Laurence Nov 16, 2005 for Kerberos authentication
    public static final int KERBEROS = 0x400;

In WSSConfig:

    Added a case to the getProcessor method to return
"" when it matches

     * <code>KERBEROS</code> as defined by KERBEROS Specification
    public static final QName KERBEROS_TOKEN = new
QName(WSConstants.KERBEROS_NS, WSConstants.KERBEROS_LN);

In WSSecurityEngine:
	Added in the new QName to be created:
	public static final QName KERBEROS_TOKEN = new
QName(WSConstants.KERBEROS_NS, WSConstants.KERBEROS_LN);

To WSHandlerConstants:
	I added the below constant

     * Perform a Kerberos identification.
    public static final String KERBEROS = "Kerberos";

Within decodeAction:
            } else if (single[i].equals(WSHandlerConstants.KERBEROS)) {
            	doAction |= WSConstants.KERBEROS;
            	actions.add(new Integer(WSConstants.KERBEROS));

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