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From "yinghui chen" <>
Subject signature verification fail when modifying soap body by intermediate
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 21:31:54 GMT
Dear All,
  I am currently applying the wss4j for a small project. But we are having a 
problem of signature verification failure. Here is the description.
  For example, company A construct a SOAP message, and sign element A within 
the SOAP body. And then company A send the SOAP to company B. Company B 
insert an element B into the SOAP body. The element B is a sibling of 
element A. And then Company B forward the SOAP to Company C. The Company C 
verifies the signature, but it fails. I have tried the case if Company B 
does not insert element B, the signature verification is success.
  The thing that I do not understand is that company A sign only element A, 
why insersion of element B break the signature.
  I attached the source code together with the email.

I am looking forward to your help,

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