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From Ron Reynolds <>
Subject Xalan required for JDK 5.x?
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:06:11 GMT
a client-developer of mine ran into the following error when trying to 
use my client jar (compiled with 1.4.2):

NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xml/utils/URI$MalformedURIException
  at (
  at (WSHandler.performSIGNAction())
  at (WSHandler.doSenderAction())
  at WSDoAllHandler:161 (WSDoAllSender.invoke())

i see that wss4j ships with a xalan.jar and that's the only place 
(outside the JDK 1.4 rt.jar) that this class appears to be defined
i just wanted to confirm before i tell the developer they need to 
include xalan.jar in their classpath (even tho, afaik, there is no XSLT 
in the client-side code). :-/

sorry if this is a duplicate post - it seems certain that this question 
would have come up long before now - i just wasn't able to find it (tho 
i admit it didn't look very hard).
DEFINITELY something for the wiki/FAQ/whatever.

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