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From "Chris Mannion" <>
Subject Using custom tokens
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 10:00:42 GMT
Hi all

This might be quite a basic question or I might have a complete misunderstanding of the mechanism
so I hope someone can help either way.

I have a webservice client which can be configured on the fly to invoke any webservice.  At
the moment I'm trying to run against a webservice that uses custom tokens for authenticating
incoming messages.  Their token is returned to my code from an earlier operation call as a
block of xml, and the has to be included with all subsequent operation calls.  I know (or
at least, I think) that to add username tokens to operation calls I can hook in the WSDoAllSender
and WSDoAllReceiver to my Axis Call object and set various properties such as Action=UsernameToken,
User= etc.  Is there anyway of adding this custom token, which I have in the code as a string
of xml, to out-going operation calls in the same way, using the handlers and properties on
the Call obejct?

Or, in fact, is there any way at all of using this custom token with WSS4J and Axis, even
if it means a new approach in my code?  The basic structure of my code is as follows:

ServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
webService = serviceFactory.createService(wsdlUrl, serviceQName);
Call opCall = webService.createCall(portQName, operationName);
// Safely cast from a javax.xml.rpc.Call object to a org.apache.axis.client.Call
// object so that we can hook in security handlers and add headers
org.apache.axis.client.Call axisCall = null;
axisCall = new org.apache.axis.client.Call("");
  axisCall = (org.apache.axis.client.Call)opCall;
  axisCall = null;

if(axisCall != null)
  // Add security handlers if required
  if(reqHandler != null && respHandler != null)
    axisCall.setClientHandlers(reqHandler, respHandler);
// Set properties on the call, if any have been requested to be set
  Iterator it = properties.keySet().iterator();
    String next = (String);
    axisCall.setProperty(next, properties.get(next));
return axisCall.invoke(parameters);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Mannion
IT Junction
020 8452 4274
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