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From Sal Campana <>
Subject Re: wsdl2java NullPointerException
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 13:54:08 GMT
Wolfgang Schreiner wrote:

>hi *,
>I was going through the WSRF tutorial and trying to deploy the Web
>service as described, but encountered a NullPointerException thrown by
>the "ant generate" task.
>Here is the complete build output:
>Buildfile: build.xml
>     [echo] Using webapp dir: c:\programme\apache software
>foundation\tomcat 5.0
>     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\programme\apache software
>foundation\tomcat 5.0
>[wsdl2Java] Processing WSDL file "C:\programme\apache software
> 5.0\webapps\wsrf\_tmp_\Converter.wsdl"...
>[wsdl2Java] Retrieving document at 'C:\programme\apache software
>at 5.0\webapps\wsrf\_tmp_\Converter.wsdl'.
>[wsdl2Java] Retrieving document at
>_01.wsdl', relative to 'file:/C:/programme/apache software
>foundation/tomcat 5.0
>[wsdl2Java] Retrieving document at
>1.wsdl', relative to 'file:/C:/programme/apache software
>foundation/tomcat 5.0/w
>[wsdl2Java] Retrieving document at
>', relative to 'file:/C:/programme/apache software foundation/tomcat
>[wsdl2Java] Generating XMLBeans for WSDL file "C:\programme\apache
>software foun
>dation\tomcat 5.0\webapps\wsrf\_tmp_\Converter.wsdl"...
>[wsdl2Java] Found existing generated xmlbean jar in the classpath at
>location: H
>ans.jar ...This will be removed from the classpath sent to Scomp in
>order to reg
>enerate all imports.
>[wsdl2Java] Loading wsdl file C:\programme\apache software
>foundation\tomcat 5.0
>[wsdl2Java] Processing 1 schema(s) in C:\programme\apache software
>mcat 5.0\webapps\wsrf\_tmp_\Converter.wsdl
>Total time: 5 seconds
>What is missing here?
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Try running with -debug when calling ant...This will provide more 
information and hopefully lead us to what went wrong...


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