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Subject svn commit: r227473 - /webservices/wsrf/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 20:35:13 GMT
Author: ips
Date: Thu Aug  4 13:35:11 2005
New Revision: 227473

added a known issue


Modified: webservices/wsrf/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml
--- webservices/wsrf/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml (original)
+++ webservices/wsrf/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml Thu Aug  4 13:35:11 2005
@@ -39,7 +39,14 @@
 			<title>Known Issues</title>
-			<p>There are currently no issues reported with this release. Please submit all issues
to the Apache WSRF project in 
+			<ul>
+				<li>Any time a home object is looked up from JNDI, its init() method is automatically
invoked by the
+				    framework. This can cause an infinite loop if a home, from its init() method, looks
up itself from JNDI.
+				    Though this theoretically should never be necessary, if you must do it, you'll need
to wrap the body of your init() 
+				    method in a conditional that checks if the home has already been initialized.</li>
+			</ul>
+			<p>Please submit all issues to the WSRF project in 
 			<a href="">Apache JIRA</a>. If
you are not sure whether something is a bug, 
 			post a question on one of the WSRF 
 			<a href="contact_info.html">mailing lists</a>.

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