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Subject svn commit: r225381 - /webservices/wsrf/trunk/cutting_releases.txt
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 19:55:37 GMT
Author: scamp
Date: Tue Jul 26 12:55:22 2005
New Revision: 225381

updated steps for cutting releases


Modified: webservices/wsrf/trunk/cutting_releases.txt
--- webservices/wsrf/trunk/cutting_releases.txt (original)
+++ webservices/wsrf/trunk/cutting_releases.txt Tue Jul 26 12:55:22 2005
@@ -6,15 +6,17 @@
 - Make sure any "garbage" is cleaned out of your trunk dir....i.e. quick-test files, example/interop
builds etc
-- Make sure all code is checked in
+- Do a svn update on each project
+- Jalopy all code (Make sure imports are optimized)
 - Turn off debug in log4j files in projects under src/webapp/web-inf/classes...Set to INFO
 - Update projects' project.xml for version (at top and deps for pubscribe and muse --i.e.
update wsrf dep in pubscribe)
 - For each project, Add an entry to the forrest site for the distribution
+- Make sure all code is checked in (especially after formatting, etc)
 - Maven dist the WSRF project (dist will "clean")
-- Verify dist is "clean" and working   
+- Verify dist structure is "clean" and all is working   
 - Winscp the Apoolo JAR (under target) to the WSRF Repo
 - Maven dist the Pubscribe project (dist will "clean")
 - Winscp the Pubscribe JAR (under target) to the Pubscribe Repo

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