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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: Unable to find an available port in TOMCAT
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2005 03:12:55 GMT
Lucy Rong & Qin Wu wrote:

> Hi, Gurus,
> Please help on this issue.
> I could run WSIF dynamic invocation as stand alone, but fails in Tomcat.
> I did get WSIF0006W and WSIF0007I warning message when standalone 
> invocation is used.
> the error in Tomcat is:
> org.apache.wsif.WSIFException: Unable to find an available port
> org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFServiceImpl.getPort(Unknown Source)
> org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFServiceImpl.getPort(Unknown Source)
> prof.DI.invokeMethod(
> Could anyone tell me what should I do to resolve this problem?
> Is this caused by WSIF0006W? if yes, how should fix it?
> I have found there are two providers:
> 'org.apache.wsif.providers.soap.apacheaxis.WSIFDynamicProvider_ApacheAxis, 
> org.apache.wsif.providers.soap.apachesoap.WSIFDynamicProvider_ApacheSOAP',  
> how can I remove one?
> One aticle mentioned 
> "META-INF/services/org.apache.wsif.spi.WSIFProvider file that's inside 
> the jar when WSIF asked for it. I extracted that file and placed it 
> into my webapp's classes directory (under META-INF/services, of 
> course) and now it works. " 

> <>

> But this hint is too vague to me, could anyone give some help? Where 
> is the webapp's classes directory? I have tried it on 
> jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/common/classes and 
> jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/wabapps/myProject/WEB-INF/classes, both are not 
> the solution.
> Please help, Thanks

hi Qin,

try running code with current version of WSIF (2.0.1) it has better 
error messages.
(nightly build is at

in any case your problems looks like classloader realted and those are 
not easy to debug - try moving wsif.jar around and see what happens - is 
wsif.jar in WEB-INF?



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