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From "Mark D. Hansen" <>
Subject SOAP over JMS
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:37:52 GMT
Can I use WSIF if I always want to use SOAP for my messaging protocol, but want to use different
transports?  E.g., SOAP over HTTP, SOAP over JMS, SOAP over SMTP.

I have a feeling that the answer is "Yes", but in the WSIF samples, the JMS example seems
to be for the "native binding" approach - not using SOAP, but instead a WSDL extension binding
input/output directly to JMS messages.  I'm interested in the simpler case where you simply
wrap SOAP in a JMS TextMessage and invoke normal SOAP-style web services, but use a JMS-provider
as transport.

Any ideas about this?  Is anyone still working on WSIF or has something else superceded it?



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