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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: Getting the SOAP reply
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:53:12 GMT
Matthieu RIOU wrote:

> If this feature is not available, I would like to know if it's in the 
> development roadmap or will never be supported. Without having the 
> returned XML structure directly, involving no java object 
> transaformation, WSIF will not fulfill my needs.

hi Matthieu,

i have a small prototype that i have put together of what next WSIF 
version could do and that was one of features (direct access to XML 
Infoset) that i had implemented. the modification i did is that 
WSIFMessage can be backed up by actual XML content.

> Actually I believe this would be pretty interesting as I can't see how 
> a really dynamic invocation can occur when a full knowledge of the 
> returned structure is necessary.

agreed. however there is an interesting solution possible if WSIF can do 
lazy deserialization depending on availability of deserializer or 
generated java classes (such as by Apache XmlBeans).



The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay

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