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From Amit Shah <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Complex SOAP Client
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 01:33:26 GMT
Hi Jeff Greif,

Thanks a lot for the reply... I think I understand what you are explaining 

I would really really appreciate if you can give me a code example. I just 
dont know the technology good enough to judge all my options for my 
requirements ...

I need to be able to call any webservice. I wont have any access to any of the 
objects that the webservice might return. The only resource I have accessible 
is the WSDL file. I have to somehow parse the WSDL file and build my objects 
from that file. Or may be I can use WSDL2Java tool. But I just feel that 
using the WSDL2Java tool would be clumsy because I do it all dynamic. I might 
be wrong so please guide me .........

Once again thanks to all for your efforts ...


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