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From "Leo Barcenas" <>
Subject Connection timed out.
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 01:52:40 GMT
Hello everyone,

The process that I am trying to implement is about service/port persistence.
I am trying to loop on the service for a certain period and looping, getting
data from the
service. Like a monitoring process. However I kept getting a connection
exception. The exact error is written below:

org.apache.wsif.WSIFException: Connection
timed out: connect
 at org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFClientProxy.invoke(Unknown Source)
 at $Proxy0.dataPointWrite(Unknown Source)

The time out occurs approximately 10 seconds. I presume there is a default
timeout that WSIF is using.
If there is, please send a reply or perhaps a suggestion on how to fix this.

I've been thinking of checking the connection, but the service nor port/stub
do not have persistence
methods that checks for their state similar to database connections.
Perhaps, there are other
ways to do it but I'm still trying to check on it. I'm also trying to set
the object to NULL and try to
make a new object inside the loop. I'm still working on it, too. My first
try wasn't that succesful.
I need your help.

Many thanks.


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